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Please find below information regarding:
* How to Advertise
* General Guidelines for Advertisers

How to Advertise
As one of our customers, we like to work with you to make sure you are happy with every aspect of your advertisement.

Once you know what size advert you would like then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make sure your space is reserved for you. Then you need to give us as much information as you can regarding what/how you would like your advert to look. If you are not sure then dont worry - that is all part of the design process. Once we have your information we can start to design something for you to review and this will be emailed to you for review and, once you are 100% happy, approval.

Technical Specifications/ Acceptable Formats
If you have your own artwork then adverts can be submitted in the following formats:
o MS Word ( may be subject to a re-setting)
o MS Publisher
o TIFF (300 dpi)
o JPEG (300 dpi)
o High res pdf (300 dpi)
Ad copy can be e-mailed to:
If your advert is not available in an electronic format then we can produce one for you for a small "one off" fee. £15 for eighth and quarter page adverts and £25 for half and full page adverts.
Copy Deadline for 2018
Copy deadline dates are:
24/11/17 - January and February issues
26/01/18 - March and April issues                
29/03/18- May and June issues                       
01/06/18- July and August issues                    
27/07/18 - September and October issues   
28/09/18 - November and December issues
There is some flexibility with these dates so please call to discuss your specific needs.
Full payment for all ads must be received by the copy deadline date. 
Any discounts offered will not apply for late payment.
Payment can be made by:
- Cheque, payable to Eye Media Publications
- Debit or Credit card
Guidelines to Advertisers
Advertising is often a very effective way to attract new business.  However, for advertising to work best, it is important that advertisers follow some simple rules that will help them get the most out of their advertisement.
People are known to scan read all sorts of material.  Adverts are no exception.
When placing an advert, first you have to attract  the attention of the prospective client.  If you place your company name as the headline, the chances are that they will not notice it and move on.   When you read a news report, you read a headline that is interesting not the person that wrote it.  The same applies to business.
 •Headline (Attention Grabber)
 •Compelling synopsis or introduction (introduce interest)
 •Detail (introduce desire and action to call you)
The headline will stop the reader. But for that to happen, they must translate the headline to a benefit to them.
Once the headline has attracted the reader's attention, they will then read the Synopsis. This again has to be short and compelling else they will move on.
Assuming they are interested in what you have to offer, then they will read the detail.
 HEADLINE: Guaranteed Pain Relief Without Medicine
SYNOPSIS: We are a local and  experienced  Chiropractic practice offering a real alternative to medicine.  We offer an initial free consultation so you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain
DETAIL:  This is where you expand your unique service. ... and if it not unique, then think hard how you can differentiate against your direct competitors.
HEADLINE: Chiropractic Practice
SYNOPSIS: We offer Chiropractic services to anyone with any type of pain.  We are located in Welwyn Garden City
DETAIL:  This is where you expand your unique service. ... and if it not unique, then think hard how you can differentiate against your direct competitors.
Which of the two headlines above is more grabbing and arresting?

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