- The Plight of the Honey Bee

Sadly Beekeeping in this country is on the decline. Each year we have fewer and fewer Beekeepers carrying on with this worthwhile ancient craft. The decline started some 15 years ago in 1992 with the parasitic mite, Varroa destructor arriving in the UK from across the Channel.

This bloodsucker firmly attached itself to the thorax of the Bee, infesting colonies of honey bees throughout the UK. Since then Beekeeping has declined by approximately 50% and nowadays Beekeepers have to also cope with the nasty Hive Beetle which attacks for no know reason.

After retiring from over 30 years in business, Michael BokI has taken up the family tradition of keeping honey bees, which have become the love of his life. But it not only the taste of honey that Michael and his better half enjoy. “Working with bees is the most pleasant, fulfilling and satisfying hobby, despite and occasional sting to which we have now become immune. Each year it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the bees alive, but l am persevering and managing” he comments.

However, the publics interest in bees and beekeeping in currently growing and Michael  is giving FREE talks and lectures to various clubs and organisations - promoting beekeeping; recruiting new members and introducing them to the beekeeping fraternity.

Hertfordshire County Council are also promoting the plight of the Honey Bee on their website under  “Bees for the Environment”.

The aims of the group are:

  • To revive and activate interest in beekeeping
  • To attract and instruct new beekeepers to take this valuable craft
  • To stress the benefit of bees to the environment as a whole and to agriculture as it is the main beneficiary from pollination by bees especially in orchards,gardens and large greenhouses and fields
  • To promote the medicinal properties of the hive products

Mr Boki has lived in Potters Bar for 44 years and can be reached on 01707 658910.

He will be glad to answer questions and give advice on matters of Beekeeping.

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