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Wish for the ‘hourglass’ shape and cellulite removal without any treatments?

Originally only used as medical-grade undergarments by Plastic Surgeons, it is now possible to keep your shape in all areas of your body, without the need for invasive or non-invasive treatments.

Crystal Smooth® and Waist Sculptor are now available to buy locally in Hertfordshire through the advanced skin and laser clinic, BeauSynergy in Brookmans Park.

It would seem that technology has advanced to such an extent, through Crystal Smooth®, that by wearing the appropriate lingerie/garment you can remove cellulite (even in your sleep or in the gym) in just 6 weeks.

The Far Infrared Rays within the soft and comfortable fabric, worn under clothing, penetrate the skin and stimulate blood micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage. These are key components in the removal of Cellulite and the creation of smooth skin.

The patented ‘Waist Sculptor’, is comfortably worn to compress both your abdomen and back areas to create flatter, smoother skin and greater core strength over just a few weeks. The exotic garments are also scientifically proven to improve weakened stomach muscles post-pregnancy.

What is more incredible is that our clients are losing significant inches all over their body through their Fat Freezing Lipo Contrast treatment and then go on for further smoothing and toning by wearing these extraordinary comfortable garments.

The self-confidence of our clients has improved dramatically due to the way they look and feel about themselves.


75 Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park AL9 7QT

01707 662477

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Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic
For friendly and professional advice, BeauSynergy stands out as a leading local SkinCare Clinic for both Men and Ladies. Two of our incredibly successful treatments are the Cryolift and the 24 Carat Golf Facial. Both at a fraction of the cost of the same in London.

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