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Lasting Power of Attorney, solicitor

The Alzheimer’s Society (2015) reports that there are an estimated 850,000 people that have dementia living in the UK today. By 2025 this figure could increase to over
1 million people living with dementia in the UK.

Dementia is a degeneration of the brain that causes a progressive decline in someone’s ability to think, affecting their judgement, communication and memory. It is vitally important to put the right arrangements in place early, so that if it ever happens, we can rest assured that someone who we trust and who
cares for us can make those important decisions on our behalf.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?
A Lasting Power of Attorney allows an individual (the Donor) to appoint a person of their own choice (the Attorney) to look after their affairs at a time when they are no longer able to make decisions or manage their affairs themselves.

There are two types of powers that can be created:
Property and Affairs – the Attorney has ability to make decisions for the Donor concerning the payment of bills, liaising with banks and dealing with pensions, benefits and also the selling of property.

Health and Welfare – the Attorney will decide on where to live, day-to-day care which may include diet and what to wear. The Attorney can also make key decisions on whether to accept or refuse life-sustaining treatment.

Why do I need one?
Where someone has suffered from an injury, a serious accident or be at a stage in life when their mental ability has been affected, without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, an application for a Deputyship Order would need to be in place.This is a very lengthy and costly process with the applicant having to provide very personal information about them, their family, their finances and their relationship with the person that they now wish to look after. The whole process can take from 12 weeks to 10 months. This may have quite an adverse effect on the finances of the person who is seeking help.

We understand the difficulties in dealing with the issue of mental capacity and have a committed team in place to advise our clients and deal with the Office of the Public Guardian.

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