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A big shout out to the fantastic team, Deborah and Gill from Potters Bar Eye.
We have never advertised before, but as we are moving to a new area we thought we would advertise in a local publication.

Before the advert had even hit the doorsteps, an email introducing all the new advertisers was sent out and from that email we received two enquiries, of which one has become a client of ours.

Roll on to the second back page advert,  we received another two enquires from the advert and we have again printed for one of those enquiries.

Who ever says advertising doe not pay, I can say that it does!

Thank you Deborah Pbe Pottinger & Gill
Amanda - Brunswick Press Printers


The Potters Bar Eye is a fantastic reference Directory for all local products and services. The "go to" place for everything you need. Thank you Potters Bar Eye.
Just Feet, Mobile Foot Health Professional.


"Still the best Editor & Independent Publisher in the whole of Hertfordshire! Deborah's hard graft over the years speaks volumes! Outstanding Customer Service to all who are lucky enough to be under her wing! Sign up now for Xmas! You won't regret it! You're in the best possible hands!" Brookmans Wines, Brookmans Park



Dear Deborah,

I just wanted to write and say a heart felt "thank you".

We have been advertising with Potters Bar Eye for around four months now and I have to say we have been very pleasantly surprised by how much work it has brought our way. As a small plastering company we didn't expect many leads from the Potter Bar area from a local advert, but we had our first lead within two months and have continued to have phone calls on a regular basis. 

Potters Bar Eye isn't our only source of advertising but it does give us really good returns and it's all local work too which is always a benefit. 

The advertisement we have is one of the more economical advertisements, but to be honest we we are definitely thinking of upgrading due to how successful our first advert has been. 

Putting in an advert was effortless, Deborah really took care of everything and the whole process was very smooth. 

Thank you Potters Bar Eye for helping us to get our business noticed in the local area and for generating more leads to us. I would highly recommend!!!

Professional Plasterers


We need to find a "Potters Bar Eye" everywhere. Great publication. Thank you.
SureCare Home Care Services


Thanks to all at The Potters Bar Eye. Your publication is generating plenty of leads for us so far this year. Edge Fencing.


 Deborah and her team deliver outstanding online and offline advertising opportunities for you and your business and are a pleasure to work with, highly recommend. Helen Goldstein, The Self-Compassion Coach


Yes please we will would like to renew our advert with you, congratulations by the way the magazine receives nothing but praise.
Best regards, Adrian, MA Washvac



Hi Deborah and Gill

I just want to express my gratitude and awe at both your abilities to translate and consolidate  my frenzied ideas into the advert I am soooooo proud of!!!! - Tracey - House to Home team


Morning Deborah

I have used your magazine from time to time with quite amazing success from a complete Boiler System by AOS heating to MAC's TV repairs - all with wonderful quality service.

I now have to add to include Simon George Electrician to that list.
We had need to call him on a Sunday and he returned my  call within minutes and he called the following day at 8am and the repair was all complete in 15 minutes.
Quite a remarkable sevice all started by the excellent Potters Bar Eye!!!
 Kind Regards - Denis - Potters Bar


My partner and I are currently working on our biggest project to date. A job we secured as a direct result of our client seeing our advert in the Potters Bar Eye.

Thank you for providing a platform for our business to advertise and grow our business to the next level

Steve - Evad Services - Design and Maintenance


Hi Deborah,
Thank you for all you have done. I really appreciate it. Your help when I was starting out was very helpful and the work you have done on my advert is first class. Nigel - I-Ovencleaner


Thank you Deborah - my first advert with you and l have already had several enquiries - Jane - Private Montessori Tutor


Just received our best contract ever due to our advert in the Potters Bar Eye - Thank You - Evad Services


Hi Deborah
I would just like to say I am very pleased with the response I have had from placing an advert in your excellent publication (Potters Bar Eye).
Keep up the good work.
Regards, Colin Holding (C Holding...Heating & Plumbing services)


Dear Deborah, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the 4 month advertising campaign.

Advertising with The Potters Bar Eye has awarded the company with a valued client with a recurring fee income. It is definitely one of the most lucrative investments I have ever made!  Chris - CP Partnership Limited.


Just wanted to say a big thank you to the Potters Bar Eye. We have had an advert with Deborah in the magazine for the past year and it's produced about 40% of our work. Thank you so much for your advice. Smart and Ezy Body Shop


Wow Deborah, congratulations on your award.
You really deserve that. If you deal with all your customers as thoughtfully as you dealt with us its no wonder.
Merry Christmas once again and I hope to see you soon. U. Ijewere - FA Lifestyle


Hi Deborah, thought I would let you know that I have my first client today from PB Eye From little acorns!! Many thanks Susan - Care in Your Own Home


The Children’s Trust have been advertising in Potters Bar Eye for almost 6 months. Having been cautious at the beginning to how this would work for a charitable organisation, I have been pleasantly surprised.

Obviously we do not have a business service to offer so for us the magazine has been used to advertise events we are running and to raise awareness about The Children’s Trust.

Its hard to monitor if our editorial articles are being read but enquiries about events and skydives are coming through so something is working and this can only be put down to the dedication and hard work of Deborah and her team.

I just wanted to thank Deborah and her team at the Potters Bar Eye for always being so helpful and honest. Always willing to offer help and advice and even helping me with a recent editorial piece.

I am certainly very happy with the services we have received and will be looking forward to continuing with our adverts for the next year. D. Lee – The Children’s Trust.


Well - What can I say. Yet again the Potters Bar Eye does us proud with great pictures and advert design, getting our message across to thousands of homes and businesses. Thank you - Brilliant!  Hazel - Travel With Kitts.


Many thanks for your help so far. I've really had a good response advertising with you. Sandra Gray - Foot Health Practitioner & Qualified Nurse.


Dear Deborah, I am in love with your designer. Seriously I think this is THE ONLY advert that encompasses all that I asked for. Thank You – Tracey – Brookmans Bathrooms


Edge Fencing has been advertising in the Potters Bar Eye since 2012, and I have to say what a great success it has been.

It is always great having local work and The Eye has led to many jobs on our doorstep.

Deborahs magazine has allowed us to expand our business and we always find her monthly issues helpful, in fact we have used many services from other advertisers in our own home, and always found them to be top notch!! Keep up the great work Deborah, thanks. Andrew Thompson, Edge Fencing.


I wanted to add my own congratulations for a fantastic magazine. We have done many forms of advertising but the Potters Bar Eye is definitely our best form of advertising.
M and C Household Services


Congratulations Deborah. The magazine is the best advert for Potters Bar. You deserve the success. Bookkeeping by Gina.


I have been advertising in the Potters Bar Eye for about 6 years now and have received many enquiries from this very smart magazine.

Deborah has always been helpful with any issues and I have recommended this magazine to many of my friends.

Thank you. Ian - I and B Electrical


Dear Deborah

I felt I had to write to you to say a big thank you for doing such a great job on the Potters Bar Eye.

As a local family business we rely on your publication to help bring in work for us and your monthly publication is a great way for us to get work in our local area.

As a direct result from Gasworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd advertising with you and the Potters Bar Eye we have won many jobs in the past and yesterday we just won a substantial project that will keep us busy for many many weeks ahead, all thanks to the Potters Bar Eye and your hard work!

It is so nice to work for local clients to our home town and the surrounding local areas.

Your publication each month not only helps to get us work but we have also used other trades from the Potters Bar Eye who have been able to provide a fantastic service to us as a business as well!!

I would like to congratulate you again for doing such a great job and long may it continue!

Thank you so much for your continued hard work to make the Potters Bar Eye a great success and we will be loyal advertisers with you always!

Your sincerely

Brendan Egan
Gasworks Heating and Plumbing Ltd


"Hi Deborah, thank you so much for the lovely job you have done with our advert. I have already had my first good job through your magazine (his first advert was delivered 2 days earlier).

Your "support local business" campaign is a fantastic idea and your sticker is already on my window." Khalique Khan - Oakmere Service Centre.


I just love the Potters Bar Eye. Its my bible. When l need anything l just go straight there. Mrs N  - local resident


I must tell you, even before meeting you at Athena Potters Bar,  I was telling people the PBEye was the only publication of it's type and that I read from cover to cover and looked forward to receiving every month. - Paula Farson - UKCP, MBACP


We've had SO many new clients from advertising in the Potters Bar Eye - cannot recommend Deborah enough. Anyone with a local business contact them - Rhythmix Dance Studio


The reason we are writing this testimonial is to share with all of you our appreciation of Deborah from Potters Bar Eye's services.

We have continuously advertised with Deborah now for over 2 years. Deborah has a down to earth and honest approach to business and her clients which quite frankly is extremely refreshing. She is highly efficient and does exactly what she proposes. She does not try to blind her clients with jargon or misleading figures re: distribution etc in fact quite the opposite. She is adaptable and always there to help with all her marketing advice. Deborah, thank you, you do a grand job!

Julia & Lee
Drapemasters Interior Furnishers


Deborah, just wanted to tell you that I have already paid for my 4 month booking with the Potters Bar Eye in my first week of my first advert. Great response. Thank You. Len Barley


"I have just sat down to read the February issue of the Potters Bar Eye. What a great issue - packed full of really interesting information - spendid - thank you." A resident.

And thank you to the local resident who took the time to phone us with this great feedback. Very much appreciated.


Dear Deborah
Thank you so much for my advert in The Eye. The response has been excellent and we are building up our business from enquiries and referrals. I have really enjoyed working with you and your efficient and professional approach and look forward to working with you in the future. Lainy Day – Dog Minder


Dear Deborah

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for a great job you are doing with your magazine, The Potters Bar Eye. Our company, Gasworks Plumbing and Heating, is a local family based business and we get quality enquiries from your magazine which leads on to us installing a large number of our beloved Worcester Bosch Boilers, central heating systems and also a high number of bathroom installations too.

Your magazine not only helps us gain larger jobs, we also received a high call volume for small plumbing repairs and replacements through to gas safety testing, boiler servicing and repairs.

Please keep up the great work, as a local family business the Potters Bar Eye for us is brilliant! - Brendan Egan - Gasworks Plumbing and Heating Limited


Hi Deb, well what can I say?
We have just received an order worth over £30,000 from a call via our advert in the "Eye".

This is the 3rd project type work we have received from a cold call via the "Eye", the combined value being around £100,000 for these three jobs alone!!
Thank you!


Potters Bar Swimming club would like to thank Potters Bar Eye for introducing a number of new members to the club during 2012.  We ran an advertisement at the beginning of the year and our numbers have continued to improve since then.
Ian Bays (Chairman).


I, along with 2 others, decided to join forces and advertise locally. I showed my colleagues Deborah's magazines, The Potters Bar Eye and The Fountain Directory, and we agreed that we would investigate advertising in them due to their quality and that they reached our target area.

Deborah was very helpful and offered us a number of options, answered all our questions and also arrange for the design to be done for us too.

Once our copy was agreed, Deborah checked and identified a couple of areas that we needed to clarify and had a draft back to us for review within 24 hours. The draft covered everything we wanted as Deborah has clearly understood our brief.

I am more than happy to recommend Deborah Pottinger of Eye Media Publications. Joan Tooth - Alban Design Limited



I have advertised in The Fountain Directory since last September & have found a lot of business through it - thank you. Caroline - Puggles Dog Groomers


A great response from my advert with you in The Potters Bar Eye - 970% profit over 8 months. Please renew for a year. DMP Advisors


Having recently taken over a long established Locksmiths shop in Potters Bar l wanted to advertise the new services we offer whilst also promoting the fact that we continue to offer all our traditional services.

I spoke to Deborah and she took great care regarding the advert design and wording and was always very quick to respond and reply to any questions or alterations l made.

The first advert has now been out for a month and response we have had is incredible. A long standing member of staff commented he has never know it so busy. I can only put it down to the fact the previous owners didnt advertise in The Potters Bar Eye.

I plan to renew my advert with Deborah and have no hesitation in recomneding Deborah and her two magazines - The Potters Bar Eye and The Fountain Directory. E. Osman - Drummond Security


Great to see you the other day and thank you in person for the great response l have received in both The Potters Bar Eye and The Fountain Directory. Delighted to renew. The Verminator


Hi Deborah, just wanted to say I've seen our Village Day ad in your magazine & it looks lovely - thank you! Helen - Brookmans Park Village Day Committee.


The Warren would like to say a huge thank you to the Potters Bar Eye for all their help in promoting our charity shows.

We always ask those who call our box office where they heard about our productions and we have had many callerswho have spotted us in the Potters Bar Eye. The more tickets we can sell, the more money we are able to give away to local charities so this is a fantastic way for us to promote to the local community.


I have to say that you are an absolute delight to work with. I really hope my advert brings lots of businesses my way! Michele Karr - Heavenly Hands


Dear Deborah
This is long overdue , I would like to say a big thank you to you and your magazines. Since advertising with you my pest control company has recieved a lot of work and enquiries.
I look forward to having a long and very fruitful working relationship with you - Tim Simmons - Verminator


2nd month advertising in The Potters Bar Eye - my investment paid back and I made 100% profit already. And I have 6 more months to go! Thank you! Maria Pitney - DMP Financial Advisors


Many thanks Deborah,
Yes, we would really like to renew. Please keep renewing until we let you know otherwise.
"We find that the Potters Bar Eye is an excellent source of customers and we get the majority of our work from people who respond to our advertisement.We find that our customers are looking for someone they can trust who comes from the local area and trust your publication to provide this sort of local knowledge"
Trevor Lewis - Computer Dynamics


" I had been planning to put an advert in the Potters bar eye for some time and when I finally did do I found the whole experience completely stress free and very efficient. Deborah's team designed the advert and within a few days It was all done. As a regular reader of the magazine I knew that this advert would be a great way to increase visibility of my work and website.  Deborah is friendly and experienced and I would recommend anyone to try it out "

'Holistic Heaven' Claire Nichols BA(Hons), TIDHA, IFPA, PSDipR.


Hi D, got my first customer from Potters Bar Eye and its only been out a week! brilliant thanks. Gordon - Window Cleaner


I've been advertising for about a year in the Potters Bar Eye, and I have found that over time people build up a familiarity with the advert, so that I get more new business from it now than in the beginning. In fact the majority of my new business now starts with "I've seen your ad in the Potters Bar Eye..." and apart from van signs, it's pretty much the only advertising I do. It certainly works as a local source of new business, it seems that people recognise that businesses appearing in the magazine are local, and there seems to be a trust attached to that.                   Deborah Cole Electrical.


Advertising in Deborah's Potters Bar publications is a pain free process, she does what she says she will, on time and seemingly effortlessly. Deborah runs her business with passion which means once she has signed of your advert for her magazine it doesn't all end there, she goes on promoting your business and actively looking for returns for you.

I have found Deborah to be one of the nicest people i have ever dealt with in the advertising world and definately one of the most efficient. I wish her the very best of luck with her new publication The Fountain which will cover Welwyn Garden City. Rosy Holt - Athena


We advertise in The Potters Bar Eye and have always had a very good response.
Towards the end of last year we had a call from someone who had seen our ad in the Eye and now we have just completed the project which was worth just over £32,000!

so 'Aye Aye' Deborah we shall definately be keeping our adverts in the Eye, many thanks. Denis - Albion Electrical Maintenance Limited


Thank you. That is the best ad I have ever seen for E.C.Carpets and Flooring, Excellent. Please go ahead with the advertisement. Ewen - EC Carpets & Flooring


Deborah is both professional and personable and i enjoy doing business with her. She understands our needs and produces exactly what is required.

We would happily recommend her and her publications to any local businesses seeking further exposure to a wider audience in these areas. 

Julia Sondack Drapemasters Interior Furnishers


I would like to say a big thank you to The Potters Bar Eye and W.E.B. for giving me the opportunity to advertise my new company so easily to all my surrounding areas.

It has definitely given me a far bigger audience than I would have had just advertising locally or leaflet dropping, So thank you very much. The Tree Feller


Deborah publishes local advertising magazines in the Potters Bar & Welwyn Garden City areas. I have always found her to be friendly & efficent, The magazines produce excellant sales leads. I can throughly recomend Deborah and her magazines.      Clive - Artisan Loft Ladders.


Deborah runs Eye Media Publications which produces The Potters Bar Eye and the W.E.B. These are printed directories full of the most useful businesses and individuals every household needs.

From plumbers to web designers, from hynotherapists to interiors, the directories have details of the local businesses in Potters Bar and surrounding villages. The publications are an affordable way for companies and sole traders to advertise. Eye Media are launching a further directory covering Welwyn Garden City shortly.

I can highly recommend Deborah for her professionalism. She has a flexible and personal approach to really helping small businesses promote their products and services. Amanda Brown - Alterra Business Consulting Limited


Dear Deborah
I feel l have to put into words the fantastic response l have had from advertising in your magazine "The Potters Bar Eye". You have informed me that it can take up to 3 months advertising to get recognised in a magazine but l have had a fantastic response from day 1.

I have so far picked up over £800 pounds of work and my advert has many months yet to run.

I am so happy woth the response that l am going to recommend your other publication "The W.E.B." to another colleague of mine who works in the area covered by the magazine.

If you ever consider starting another publication l would be happy to be one of your first advertisers. David Baker - Hometyre North London


Dear Deborah

Many thanks for all your help.  I wish all advertising could be as easy as yours! Lochinver House School


Hello Deborah,
Just a quick note to say the response so far to my advertisement has been very good. Also we've had a number of good comments on the editorial, so thank you very much for all your help and input. Speak to you soon. Regards Paul Mills - Paul Mills Pond Specialist


Hi Deborah
Just a quick memo to say how pleased I am with the New advert that I placed in The Potters Bar Eye. It was not many days in to December when I received my first call from a local resident of Potters Bar enquiring about a holiday .

After about a week of searching around looking for just the right location and grade of accommodation, it was very pleasing to confirm a booking for these people in excess of £10,000.

Thank you for all you assistance with the design and layout of my advert, it’s obviously an “Eye” catching piece of art work. Jon Clark - Travel Counsellor


As a new business in its infancy, I found that it was imperative that I spent my advertising budget wisely, and I definately did when I took out an ad with the Potters Bar Eye. Within hours of the first issue being delivered, I had a bridal comission! Deborah could not do enough to help, and was always there to offer guidance and advice on what would suit my business needs best. Definately one of the best business investments I have made so far!... Becky - Made By Rebecca


I would like to say a big thank you to Deborah and the Potters Bar Eye team for being professional, helpful, guiding and always quick to respond to any queries I have had. Advertising with the Potters Bar Eye has proved to be very useful in building a successful business - infact over 70% of my customer base has been via this publication. Thank you once again !  Jane D'Arcy - Registered Osteopath


Thanks so much for the September 2008 prize. Really enjoy your publication and find it VERY useful. Thanks again! - Local Resident


Thank you The W.E.B. for organising the crossword competition. As the lucky winner we were kindly given, by the Virginia Bush Garden Company, 8 hours work on our garden in Brookmans Park which was efficiently and professionally performed with excellent and worthwhile results for which we are most grateful.


Hello Deb

A very big thank you from all of us at C & L Catering Team Limited. We advertised in the Web and the Potters Bar Eye and were very impressed with the level of response to our advertisments. 

In fact, we originally advertised as 'The Home Team Catering Services Limited' and we were worried that changing our name might affect our business.  That has not proved to be the case. 

We have also made various contacts via the magazines who we would like to think of as friends - this is always good for business!

Thanks again for your friendly approach, your time and effort - you have proved time and time again that you go that 'step further' to help your customers and we thank you for everything - C & L Catering Team Limited.


Dear Deb

This is a quick letter to say thank you for the help and advice you have provided with regard to my advertising requirements.

You have been very helpful and flexible with my requests and the end result has always been stunning.

I am still receiving calls where people have kept your magazine and have looked at adverts placed with you earlier in the year.

It is a pleasure to deal with you and l look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again for all your help. Scott Rumsey - Business Improvement and Life Coach


Dear Deborah

I would like to thank you for your excellent publications, the Potters Bar Eye and The W.E.B. Both publications are extremely well presented and have an “l want to keep these” feel to them which is one of the most important reasons that l advertise in both publications, as well as the response from potential clients.

The other reason is your very flexible “can do” attitude to me as an advertiser. You solve problems l throw at you with ease, giving me very beautifully laid out solutions to my needs without any issues.

I do suspect that when you receive one of my emails that you must raise your eyes to heaven with exasperation. I cannot blame you if you do, as my emails are often very last minute and involve a great deal of thought and work for you in providing me with a very good solution.

I have total faith in your abilities and if other provided the same level of service, business life would be a lot less stressful.

I would readily recommend your publications and your ethos to any business.

Regards Chris - For and on behalf of The Virginia Bush Garden Co


"This is a testimony to the effectiveness of advertising in Deborah’s publication. Deborah was extremely helpful in arranging our advertisement, and, since the advert went in, l have begun to receive excellent enquiries and would certainly recommend the Potters Bar Eye as a worthwhile place to advertise" Jason Kilbourn - Kieran Robert - Family Photography

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